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    3. Members

      Zhongrun Mining Development Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhongrun Resources Investment Corporation with total registered capital of RMB500 million. Based on the domestic market, the company mainly deals in the investment and exploration of mining industry. The minerals exploited are mainly precious metals (such as gold, silver, etc.), as well as other nonferrous metals. The company is primarily responsible for mining investment and the operation and management of mines ofChina’s domestic market. So far, the company has already set up investment and development base in places likeSichuanandInner Mongoliaand owns several subsidiary corporations, namely, Sichuan Pingwu Zhongjin Mining Co., Ltd., Tibet Zhongjin Mining Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Huiyin Mining Co., Ltd., and Chifeng Runyin Mineral Exploration Co., Ltd.


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