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    3. Members

      Zibo Real Estate Co. Ltd. of Shandong Zhongrun Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhongrun Resources Investment Corporation, is a second-degree real estate enterprise approved by the country. The company has won many honored titles such as “Advanced Real Estate Enterprises with comprehensive Development inZiboCity”, “Top 10 Real Estate Enterprises with comprehensive Development inZiboCity” and “Inspection Exemption Enterprise”.


      ZhongrunOCTGardencreates a “city within the city” with international standard, improving the living life inZiboto a new height. The green landscape garden with waterscape design represents a new and rare model of living in a garden-style community, leading to an overall cosmopolitan way of life and enhancing the living quality inZibo.

      The first-rate environment, buildings, scenery, facilities and property management ofZhongrunOCTGardenprovide high quality of life for the elite inZibo. Meanwhile this property introduces new residential concept to the city, becoming anew citycard ofZiboand a star property inShandongprovince.

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