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    3. About Zhongrun
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      Li Mingji, president of the company, male, 48-year-old, bachelor degree.

      Mr. Li Mingji has rich experience in investment in real state and enterprise management. He has served successively as the vice-general manager of Shandong Real Estate Development Corporation and the general manager of Zhongrun Property Group.

      Li Zhenchuan, company director, general manager, male, 55-year-old, majors in mining engineering and mineral resource management, senior engineer.

      Mr. Li Zhenchuan has good technical knowledge and rich experience in mine management and operation. He has served successively as the mine manager of Yinan Gold Mine in Shandong, general manager of the Ghana Enchaonan Gold Field, manager of Shandong Gold Industrial Corporation, general manager of Mining development Co. Limited of Shandong Gold Group, president and CPC Party secretary of Shandong Gold Mineral Resource Group Co. Limited, general manager assistant of Shandong Gold Group Co. Limited and held concurrent posts as president and CPC Party secretary of Shandong Gold Mineral Resource Group Co. Limited.

      He Yingbin, company director, chairman of the board of Brittan Vatukoula Gold Mines Plc, male, 51-year-old, Chinese-Canadian, Doctor degree in Mining, senior engineer and academician of Canadian Mining Metallurgy and Petroleum Geology Academy.

      Mr. He Yingbin has rich experience in mine selection and investment. He has served successively as senior engineer of Vancouver Mineral Processing Process Institute inCanada, director and president of Canadian Spar Resource Corporation. He is currently independent director of China Gold International Resource Co. Limited, director and president of Canadian Sanjiang investment Co. Limited, vice-president of Huaxing Machinery Corp inCanada.

      Fu Xusheng, company director, male, 57-year-old, master degree, engineering technology researcher, advanced gold investment analyst in the country, member of Shandong Engineering Consultation Committee of Experts, and obtained qualification of International Project Management Professional in 2002.

      Mr. Fu Xuesheng has experience in geological exploration and mine management for 30 years. He has served successively as mine manager of Jiaojia Gold Mine of Shandong Gold Mining Incorporated Company, general manager and president of Group Mining Development Company of Shandong Gold, president of Geology & Mineral Prospecting Co. Limited of Shandong Gold Group, chief engineer, chief scientist and director of the Technical Center of Shandong Gold Group Co. Limited and president of Science and Technology Co. Limited of Shandong Gold Group.

      Shi Peng, company director, Chief Financial Officer, male, 41-year-old, master of business administration, certified public accountant, tax accountant.

      Mr. Shi Peng has served successively as deputy chief, chief and general manager assistant of the finance department of Shandong Taian Renewable Resource Corporation, vice director of auditing department of Shandong Zhengyuanhexin Accounting Firm, vice director and director of auditing department of Beijing Tianhua Accounting Firm, company director, Chief Financial Officer and secretary of the board of Sichuan Dongtai Holding Group Incorporated Company, director and Chief Financial Officer of Shandong Zhongrun Investment Group Incorporated Company, and vice president, Chief Financial Officer and secretary of the board of Jingya food Incorporated Company.

      Pusheng Li, Male, 61yrs old, American, MBA and Master of Finance

      Previous Post: Manager, Morgan Stanley Tianhui Fulin Co., USA,Analyst, Thomason Financial Co., USA,Vice President, European Monetary Management Group, New York, USA,CEO, Hong Kong Gathersun Investment Co. Ltd., Hong Kong, PR China,CEO, Beijing Ankong Investment Co. Ltd. Beijing, PR China,

      Current Job Title:Chairman and CEO, Shengjie Investment Co., Ltd. Beijing, PR China.

      Xiao Suining, company independent director, male, 65-year-old, senior economist.

      Mr. Xiao Suining has served successively as deputy chief engineer, deputy chief economist and deputy chief accountant of Yunnan Electric Power Design Institute, general manager assistant, vice president and member of the party group of Chongqing Branch of Bank of Communications and concurrently held the position of general manager of the Real Estate Development Company, president and party secretary of Zhuhai Branch of Bank of Communications, president and party secretary of Shenzhen Branch of Bank of Communications and president and chairman of Head Office of Shenzhen Development Bank (who was renamed as Pingan Bank during his tenure).

      He currently is counselor of Pingan Bank, independent director of SPC Environment Protection Tech Co. Limited and independent director of Haitong Securities Co. Limited.

      Wang Quanxi, company independent director, male, 58-year-old, professor.

      Mr. Wang Quanxi has served successively as deputy director of Institute of Economics of Nankai University, dean assistant of the commercial college of Nankai University, EMBA center director of Nankai University, secretary-general of Tianjin Management Academy, special researcher of Institute of State Bureau of Taxation, independent director of Hainan Huandao, independent director of Yanzhou Coal Mining Company, and independent director of Silver Plaza Group Co. Limited.

      He is currently professor in the commercial college of Nankai University, dean of Enterprise Research Center of Nankai University, independent director of Shandong Haihua Co. Limited, independent director of Hualu Hengsheng Co. Limited, and independent director of this company.

      Junhao Wei, Male, 54yrs old, Chinese, Professor(Post Doctor), Doctorial Supervisor.Have been engaging in the Large Scale Metallogenic Prediction and Prospecting Research and Teaching work, and serve as Executive Director of the Chinese Association of Mineral Resources Appraisers, and Committee Member of the Chinese Mining Geology Committee, Expert of the National Science and Technology Awards Evaluation Expert Database.

      Previous Post:Independent Director of Zhongjin Gold Corp., Ltd.

      Current Job Title:Vice President of China University of Geosciences(Wuhan), Resources College,Independent Director of Chifeng Jilong Gold Mining Co., Ltd.,Independent Director of Guangdong Ronsen Super Micro-wire Co., Ltd.

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