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    3. Responsibility

      Since its establishmet,Zhongrun Investment has actively performed its social responsiblity,fufilled its social obligation to help vulnerable groups with the motive of “To be a excellent cooperate citizen ”.In recent years,Zhongrun Investment has donated more than 4 million yuans in SAS,Wenchuan Earthquake,One-day Donation and other donations.

      The foreign-invested enterprises also pay great attention to their performance of social responsibility.In December,2009,VGM signed an agreement with the local government,setting up The Trust Fund for Social Assistance (The Fund for short) to support the stuffs once employed by Vatukoula community.Through the guidance and assistance of The Fund,the stuffs were retrained and reclassified to get new jobs.

      During five years,VGM has invested 6 million Fiji money(about 3.23 million dollars) in The Fund.The first bailout money of 1.5 million Fiji money(about 770 thousand dollars) was payed in March 8,2010,and the rests would be paid averagely in the next four years.The Fund was supervised by 8 bailors including 4 baiors appointed by VGM and 2 bailors appointed by Fiji government.

      In August,2011,Canadian Zinc Corporation(CZN) signed “The Agreement of Society and Economy” with the local government,investing 3 million Canadian dollars in the training of indigenous people to help them get jobs. 

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